Just like the team who are supported by their sustainability partner 11th Hour Racing, sustainability underpins everything we do at the 1851 Trust.

The world needs a steady stream of skilled and innovative people to solve the fascinating challenges we face now and in the future. The 1851 Trust is encouraging young people to consider sustainability in all its forms by providing them with the tools to become part of the solution. 

For us, sustainability is about more than just performance. Both Land Rover BAR and the Trust believe our combined influence should extend far beyond the race course, that's why we’ve put sustainability at the heart of operations since launching in 2014.

Through our focus on sustainability we aim to inspire and engage a new generation, using sailing and the marine industry to provide young people with the education, skills and training to become innovators of the future.

We have launched an exciting set of 'Sport and sustainability' resources, which you can find here. This chemistry topic covers the meaning of the term sustainability and what this means in terms of the carbon cycle. Watch our film and hear how sustainability experts at Land Rover BAR work to make every aspect of the team’s operations sustainable. 


Find out more about Land Rover BAR and 1851 Trust's mission to drive sustainability forward.