Lloyd Woodhouse

Systems Engineering Apprentice


Lloyd was a Systems Engineering Apprentice in the Systems Engineering team for Land Rover BAR on its challenge for the 35th America's Cup. Originally from the Isle of Wight, he joined the the team as their first Shore Team Apprentice specialising in Marine Electrical Engineering. Lloyd worked in electrical engineering in both a practical and theoretical environment (when the boat is sailing and when they plan for different conditions).

Briefly describe a typical day for you at the Land Rover BAR base.

I provide systems support when the team sail. I also maintain, install and develop the platform and wings electrical systems.

What did you study to end up in a role like yours?

I completed a BTEC National Diploma in Sport, achieving Distinction*. I also did work experience during school holidays at engineering companies, and took a gap year with the British Army.

Why do you think studying STEM subjects at school is important?

I believe they can lead to jobs and opportunities that without that previous knowledge and qualifications you might not be able get.

If you could do another job in STEM, what would it be?

Something around architecture or design.

Briefly describe what you thought of STEM subjects in school, and whether your opinion has changed now?

In school I thought STEM subjects were interesting and engaging, which I still believe now.

What has been the highlight of your role so far?

Performing system checks on the mooring and experiencing a two boat sailing day on the water as systems support (two boats foiling next to each other).

What would be your advice for young people interested in pursuing a career in STEM?

Work hard, get the best grades you can and aim for something that you enjoy and find both interesting and rewarding.

Name a STEM topic or skill which you learnt at school that you still use in your current role, and how you apply it.

A practical experience using a variety of tools and equipment in design and technology, which I still use on a daily basis at work.

And for bonus points, what's your best STEM joke?

A neutron walks into a bar and asks "how much for a beer?". The bartender says, "for you? no charge."